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What is a Character Certificate?

A character certificate is a document that basically validates an individual's character. It states that the individual has no criminal procedures or negative records in their prior institutions and that the certificate is accurate and complete. This certificate is issued by the government, police, or any other institution/organization to an individual applying for it.

This certificate of character may have a future legal significance. As a result, the authority responsible for granting the certificate should exercise caution when making declarations in the certificate. In other words, the authority shouldn't just hand over the certificate carelessly.

Information to be Filled on a Character Certificate

In order to make the certificate valid and complete, the following information is necessary to be included in the character certificate.

  • Name of the applicant in full
  • The applicant’s complete address
  • A statement from the attester stating that the applicant has a good character and that the attester has known him for a long time.
  • The date and place of attestation or the document release.
  • Name of the attesting/issuing authority along with signature and stamp

Guide to Complete a Character Certificate Format

While filling the Character Certificate Format, follow these steps to make the character certificate complete appropriately

Step 1: In the first blank space, write down the full name of the applicant known to you.

Fill the full name on Character Certificate

Step 2: Write down the complete name of the application’s father or husband if the applicant is a married lady.

Fill the father/husband's name on Character Certificate

Step 3: Specify the period of time you've known the candidate in the following blank field.

Fill the period of knowing on Character Certificate

Step 4: You need to put a signature in the space given after the “Signature” to attest the declaration made by you. 

Make the signature on Character Certificate

Step 5: Write your full name along with the official seal in the next space provided.

Fill the full name along with the official seal on Character Certificate

Step 6: Mention the place in this space where you are attesting the certificate. This means to write the name of the place where the attestation takes place.

Fill the place of attesting on Character Certificate

Step 7: Conclude the character certificate by writing down the exact date on which you release the attested document. 

Fill the the date of attestation on Character Certificate

Who Requires a Character Certificate?

In order to protect the reputation of the college/university, a character certificate of the student is required from the previous institution. This certificate proves that the applicant was good in his/her conduct while attending that particular institution. Thus the college/university is confident enough to give admissions to the new students on the basis of their past behavior.

As a business entity, one must be aware of their workers' backgrounds and whether they have any prior criminal records. This may be verified by a character certificate issued by either the former employer or a government entity.

For the authorities, a character certificate from the police is a reliable means of verifying the authenticity of an applicant, and it serves the purpose well.

In the corporate world, this document is also required when starting a new business to verify that the individual would conduct themselves honestly and with strong business ethics.

A character certificate is nearly always required throughout the visa application procedure to confirm that the applicant is not engaged in any criminal activity.

To be considered for a scholarship, you may be required to provide a character reference from the police department.

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